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Our Assessment Plans and Reports are temporarily off-line.  We are moving our forms into Sharepoint to enable a more user friendly process and better data collection. When all plans and reports are ready we will provide links.

If you need current assessment plans or reports, please contact Sharon Walters, or contact the program for up-to-date information.

Since the 2010-2011 academic year, Assessment and Program Review solicited all academic departments and degree programs to provide an updated assessment plan and submit annual assessment reports.

Like the other links on the assessment homepage, the plans and reports are here posted for everyone on campus to consult. The idea is to share best practices with others who are seeking models to appropriate for their own efforts to assess student learning outcomes. In theory as well as in practice, the more we know about each other’s work, the better the work will be for everyone, including the programs posting their latest plans.

The programs that did not provide an updated plan or submit an annual report are listed in the table, but the column is blank. Campus-Wide Assessment Committee is currently in the process of reviewing the recently submitted assessment plans and reports. Those plans and reports still under review are listed in the Submitted - Pending Review column.

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Academic Programs

  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Applied Sciences and Arts
  • Business
  • Mass Communication and Media Arts
  • Education and Human Services
  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Liberal Arts
  • Medicine
  • Science

Multi-Disciplinary and Non-Academic Programs

  • Molecular Biology, Microbiology and Biochemistry
  • University College
  • University Core Curriculum
  • University Honors Program